Start Date 1999-10-01

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-22
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain CIELO +5% SSI
Jhelom Rocchi +5% Bandage
Minoc none +2 MR
Moonglow Dai +2 MR
New Magincia Alcion +5% SDI
Skara Brae Cloth Road +1 FC
Trinsic Arthur +5% HCI
Vesper SPOOKY +5% SSI
Yew Amenouzume +2 MR

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News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1999-10-??: 雪に光る破片 - Izumoの発見 (translation: Snow shining debris - Izumo's discovery)

Britannia News Network Reports

2003-05-17: 遙かなる大地の果てに ~優しき大地~ (translation: To the end of the distant big earth ~ gentle earth ~)
2003-05-24: 遙かなる大地の果てに ~陸に上がった海賊~ (translation: To the end of the distant big earth - Pirates who rose to the land -)
2003-06-01: ロック先生への質問コーナー (translation: Question corner to Mr. Rock)
2003-06-01: 遙かなる大地の果てに ~聖なる器~ (translation: On the far end of the great land - holy instruments -)
2003-06-13: 遙かなる大地の果てに ~砂漠の焦燥~ (translation: On the far end of the great earth ~ The desolation of the desert ~)
2003-06-18: 遙かなる大地の果てで ~エピローグ~ (translation: At the far end of the great earth - epilogue ~)
2008-08-02: The Oak Throne 騒動記 ~ある日の午後~ (translation: The Oak Throne riot - One afternoon ~)
2008-08-03: The Oak Throne 騒動記 ~竣工~ (translation: The Oak Throne riot record - Completion -)
2008-08-05: The Oak Throne 騒動記 ~アンケートのお知らせ~ (translation: The Oak Throne ___ ___ ___ 0)
2008-08-09: The Oak Throne 騒動記 ~投票結果~ (translation: The Oak Throne Rumors - Voting Results ~)
2008-08-16: The Oak Throne 騒動記 ~休息の一時~ (translation: The Oak Throne Trembling ~ Temporary rest ~)
2008-08-23: The Oak Throne 騒動記 ~決意~ (translation: The Oak Throne The riot - determination -)
2010-11-02: 悲劇、そして新しい生命 (translation: Tragedy, and a new life)
2010-11-17: 調教師になった男 (translation: A man who became a trainer)
2010-12-01: 相棒の行方 (translation: The direction of homie)
2010-12-04: 深まる絆 (translation: Deep bond)
2011-01-26: 名付け親を求めて (translation: Seeking godmother)
2011-01-28: 待ちわびて (translation: Wait)
2011-02-02: ひとつの仮説 (translation: One hypothesis)
2011-03-09: 黒い影 (translation: Black Shadow)
2011-03-24: 鍵 (translation: Key)
2011-04-07: マジンシアの風 (translation: Magincia's wind)
2011-04-09: マジンシアの桜 (translation: Cherry tree of Magincia)
2011-04-14: キヨの忘れ物 (translation: Kiyo's lost article)
2011-04-25: 忍びの願い (translation: Shinobu's wish)
2011-05-27: ニュジェルムビーチ改造計画 - 投票のお願い (translation: Negelum Beach remodeling plan - a request for voting)
2011-06-01: ニュジェルムビーチ改造計画 - 投票結果と更なるお願い (translation: Negelum Beach remodeling plan - the result of voting and further request)
2011-06-08: ニュジェルムビーチ改造計画 - 新たな問題 (translation: New Zealand Beach remodeling plan - new problem)
2011-06-15: ニュジェルムビーチ改造計画 - お礼の品、盗難にあう! (translation: Negerum Beach remodeling plan - items of thanks, get stolen!)
2011-06-22: ニュジェルムビーチ改造計画 - 理事挨拶のご案内 (translation: Negelum Beach remodeling plan - Information on director's greetings)
2011-07-05: 愛の対決 (translation: Showdown of Love)
2011-07-09: 語らう二人 (translation: Two people speaking)
2011-07-13: 対峙の予感 (translation: Premonition of confrontation)
2011-07-27: 大物への第一歩 (translation: The first step to a big game)
2011-08-17: 大物への第二歩 (translation: 2nd step to bigger things)
2011-08-31: 大物への第三歩 (translation: The third step to bigger things)
2011-09-14: 大物への第四歩 (translation: Fourth step to bigger things)
2011-09-17: 戦いの支度 (translation: Prepare for battle)
2011-09-21: 大物への第五歩 (translation: Fifth step to bigger things)
2011-10-27: ジャックとミラルダ (translation: Jack and Miralada)
2011-11-16: ニューマジンシアの紅葉 (translation: Autumn leaves of New Madzinia)
2011-11-19: 紅葉観賞日和 (translation: Autumn leaves viewing day)
2011-12-02: ホリデーの誤算 (translation: Holiday miscalculation)
2011-12-09: Happy Holiday その一の結果と、その二の発表 (translation: [Happy Holiday] The result of one and the second)
2011-12-16: Happy Holiday その二の結果と、その三の発表 (translation: [Happy Holiday] The result of the second and the third announcement)
2011-12-23: Happy Holiday 最終結果発表 (translation: [Happy Holiday] Final result announcement)
2012-02-28: 桃霞節の支度 (translation: Preparation of Momokaki)

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