Jack The Marionettes Toy Bed (Graphic 16139)

Jack The Marionette's Toy Bed

Rare Item
Type EM Item
Date December 17, 2020
Season 18
Shard Atlantic
Quantity unknown
Currently Spawning No
Japanese localized name Jack The Marionette's Toy Bed
Extended Information
Graphic 16139
Hue 2507
Height 0
Dyable No
Edible No
Stackable No
Turnable No
Wearable No
Wieldable No
Works as a container No
Works as a runebook No
Works as a spellbook No
Animated No
Double-click Effect Yes
Ethereal No
Sound Yes (id: )
Translucent No
Walk-over Effect No
Special Item Flags
Newbiefied No
Legal to Own Yes
Image of Jack The Marionette's Toy Bed
1 stone
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little melody when double-click.
this reward is supposed to be a this graphic. but a bug? guess caused a few of them to be doll graphic (graphic 8454) instead.