Lake Superior

Lake Superior
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Start Date 1997-10-03

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-21
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Poltergeist +5% SSI
Jhelom Fry Locke +5% HCI
Minoc Chimo +5% SDI
Moonglow Sir Annoyed +1 FC
New Magincia Wildfox +2 MR
Skara Brae Little Magnolia +1 FC
Trinsic Leeda +5% SDI
Vesper Aequitas +1 FC
Yew Gato +5% SSI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Thrixx
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Lake Superior

News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1999-01-26: Recovering The Green Mandrake
2000-01-28: Rivendell Names Town Night Champion
2000-02-01: Peace At Last!
1998-03-08: Golden Staff Of Power
1998-03-17: Gold And Black, The Enchanted Trees
1998-03-22: Seer Sea Sight-Seeing Journey Spots Rare Britannian Wildlife
1998-03-24: The Crimson Grove Of Minoc
1998-04-12: Soulette The Dark...
1998-04-15: Soulette The Dark, Revisited
1998-04-18: Britain Chef Brings Barbecue To Town
1998-04-20: Gorilla Disease Hopefully Contained
1998-06-30: Next Topic For Lycaeum Lectures: How To Be A Successful Smith
1998-07-03: Lecture With Grandmaster Smith Draws Large Crowd
1999-01-26: On With The Show
1999-05-24: The Ice Creatures Come
1999-06-24: Fire Lights Up The Night At Summer Solstice
1999-06-24: Monsters Retaliate Against Ice Explorers
1999-06-30: High Council And The Gelidum Go Head To Head
1999-07-01: Ice Fiend Ceremony Translated!
1999-07-01: Justice Shrine Freezes Over
1999-07-01: The Gelidum Plays Ball: The Response To The High Council
1999-07-12: Delivery Holds Chilling Surprise
1999-07-31: Thy Virtues Will Not Protect Thee
1999-08-13: Jailbreak Surprise At Yew Prison
1999-09-25: Gelidum Takes Revenge On Papua
1999-09-30: Surface Trolls Strike Out
1999-10-03: Threat Or Not?
1999-10-11: Myllfalydd Spotted!
1999-10-16: Moonglow Moonlight Massacre
1999-10-21: Cure Components Revealed
1999-10-30: A Race Against Time: The Cure
1999-11-09: Kyry Saved; Assistant Found Murdered
1999-12-03: Gelidum Meets!
1999-12-03: The Death Of A Virtuous Man
1999-12-19: Something Foul Afoot
2000-01-28: Tarnished Honor
2000-03-09: Locke Murdered; Motive Unknown
2000-03-09: Merciful Angels Defend Cove
2000-03-09: Rivendell Names Town Night Champion

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-03-22: A Story From Trinsic Under Siege: Citizens Rescue Orphans From Juo'Nar
2000-04-20: Cat’s Eye Retrieved
2000-05-20: A Terrified Ranger
2000-05-31: Buccaneer’s Den Plagued By Strange Fires
2000-06-14: Mystery Of Klaku'Au Tribe
2000-06-14: Summer Session At The Lycaeum
2000-06-28: Recently Published: A Review
2000-07-01: The Rescue
2000-07-12: Britannian Games To Commence!
2000-07-13: Jungle Village Under Siege
2000-07-17: Britannian Games Torch Run
2000-07-17: Mystery Games Surround Yew
2000-07-17: Opening Ceremonies
2000-07-18: Britannian Games: Day One
2000-07-18: Klaku'Au Protectors: Friend Or Foe?
2000-07-19: Britannian Games: Day Two
2000-07-23: Attacks On Yew Overshadowed By Britannian Games
2000-07-26: Closing Of The Games
2000-09-19: Dead Sheep Tell No Tales
2000-10-03: Of Prophecy And Destiny
2001-03-07: The Lizard’s Revenge

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