Lysander Gathenwale

Lysander Gathenwale

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Classic client Enhanced client
Basic Stats
Alignment Evil (red)
Magic Level master
Poison Level unknown
Loyalty Points unknown
Fame 5000 
Fame (Felucca) ≈ 6500 
Karma -10000 
Karma (Felucca) ≈ -13000 
When was this mobile added to the game?First Seen? 2000-09: The Discovery of Khaldun
Is this mobile still spawning somewhere in the game?Spawning? Yes
Found Where? (old) Khaldun
Found Where? (new)
Can this mobile be tamed?Tameable? No
Bodytype #(s) 400
Hue #(s) 2104
Can this mobile be mounted?Mountable? No
Can you 'summon' this mobile in some way (other than from your stable)?Summonable? No
Can you polymorph into this body form in some wayPolymorphable? No
Is this mobile only seen while on a quest? If so, which quest?Quest only? No
Does a statue version of this mobile exist?Statue form? No
Gold unknown
Base Loot 2 Medium Level Scrolls
30 Reagents
Special Loot Lysander's Notebook
Stealing unknown
One of the four leaders of the expedition that discovered Khaldun. Lysander Gathenwale roams around Khaldun also and is a very tough opponent when faced alone. Lysander is a very skilled mage and was the one who betrayed the expedition to the evil powers of Khaldun. It's best to try and take down these leaders with a small party. Sadly the nice colored armor of the leaders vanishes if they are killed. Read more about the cursed in their diaries and journals. When Lysander Gathenwale dies his body will disappear, but some of his possessions will drop to the ground.


Base Damage 5-13
Ranged Attack none
Slayer unknown
Anti-Slayer None
Speed medium
Does this mobile auto-dispel summons?Auto-Dispel? No
Special Moves & Abilities unknown

Data is based on 6 reports.

Damage and Resistances

Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage 100% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Resist (min) 35% 25% 50% 25% 25%
Resist (avg) 40% 27.5% 55% 30% 30%
Resist (max) 45% 30% 60% 35% 35%

HP Stamina Mana Strength Dexterity Intelligence
min 180 71 227 111 71 121
avg 180 71 227 111 71 121
max 180 71 227 111 71 121
Hit Point Regeneration Stamina Regeneration Mana Regeneration
min unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown


Barding Difficulty: 85 - 85.5

Barding Notes: No notes have yet been added.


Tameable?: No

Pack Instincts:  unknown



Anatomy Detecting Hidden Healing Hiding Magic Resist Parrying Poisoning Tactics Wrestling
min unknown unknown unknown unknown 80.1 unknown unknown 90.1 80.1
avg unknown unknown unknown unknown 85.05 unknown unknown 95.05 85.05
max unknown unknown unknown unknown 90 unknown unknown 100 90

Lore & Knowledge:

Bushido Chivalry Discordance Eval Int Focus Magery Meditation Mysticism Necromancy Ninjitsu Spellweaving Spirit Speak
min unknown unknown unknown 95.1 unknown 90.1 90.1 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown 97.55 unknown 95.05 95.05 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown 100 unknown 100 100 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown

Data is based on 6 reports.