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Bankers and Minters are both types of NPC. There is no difference between the two types of NPCs. They sell trade-related deeds, as well as providing access to your bankbox, either through their context menu, or by speaking the 'bank' command.

Minters will also respond to the 'balance' command, to tell you your current bank balance, as well as 'withdraw #', where # is the amount of gold you would like to remove from your bank balance.

Items Sold

General Items

Item Name Sell Price Buy Price Notes
# A Commission Contract Of Employment 28,127 gp
# A Contract Of Employment 1,252 gp
# A Vendor Rental Contract 1,252 gp
File:UO-Item-5360-71.png Commodity Deed 5 gp

Items Bought

This lists standard items sold by other types of NPCs that NPC minters do not normally sell, but which they will buy.

Item Name Sell Price Buy Price Notes