Napa Valley

Napa Valley
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Start Date 1997-11-14

Governance Last Updated: 2020-01-13
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Gilanthis +5% SSI
Jhelom none None
Minoc Lavender +1 FC
Moonglow Bob Ross +5% SSI
New Magincia Cephas None
Skara Brae Osyn-Dal +1 FC
Trinsic none None
Vesper Fugly Casanova +5% SDI
Yew Celaina +5% SDI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Vereor
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Napa Valley

News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1998-03-15: Vesper Fishing Tournament Declared A Success
1998-03-21: Talking, Squawking Parrot Speaks In Vesper
1998-03-23: Child Rescued From Burning House In Yew
1998-03-24: Harpies On The Island Of Ocllo
1998-03-25: The Harpy Hen
1998-03-27: Report Filled In Britain: Farmer Says No More Cow-Tipping
1998-04-03: Horse Racing Comes To Britannia
1998-04-05: The Arena...
1998-06-22: Rotting Undead Roam The Streets Of Buc’s Den
1998-07-06: Ogre Magi Ransacks Valley Mage Shop
1998-07-21: Denizens Of Wind Angry At A Foolish Young Mage
1998-07-31: Moonglow Receives The Addition Of A Second Healer’s Shop
1999-01-08: Pirates Nab Cargo And Demand Ransom
1999-02-25: Forest Researcher Vanishes Without A Trace!
1999-03-08: The Singing Sword On Display
1999-04-14: Mongbat Lord And Minions
1999-05-05: Pizza Delivery Returns To Britain!
1999-05-20: Darkness Crossed The Britain Crossroads
1999-05-26: A Mad Wizard Attacked The Lycaeum
1999-07-04: People Watching
1999-07-11: Interesting Happenings
1999-07-16: The Sights Of Britannia
1999-08-25: Wanderings Of The Mind And The Body
1999-09-17: Happenings On The Great Northern Road Entrance To Britain
1999-09-25: Of Gargoyles And Dragons And Strangers, Oh My!
1999-10-05: Bank Robberies And Gargoyle Invasions?
1999-10-16: Does This Mean The End For A Mighty Blue Dragon?
2000-03-09: Grimoire Hosts PvP Tournament

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