Notes from 2001-01-04

Notes from 2001-01-04

List of Fixes and Features for Alpha Version 33 (Alpha 33 Version Correction and Addition)

  • GMs avatars are now full 3D. (Note that all GMs appear as male for the time being.)
  • The character of GM is now full 3D (note that at the moment GMs all appear as men)
  • Objects in containers should hue properly and drawn in multiples correctly.
  • Hue is introduced to the objects in the container, and multiple (stacked?) (Objects) are rendered correctly
  • Dragged objects should be hued properly and drawn in multiples correctly.
  • A color tone is introduced in the dragging of the object, and multiple (stacked?) (Objects) are correctly displayed
  • Censoring of blood where objects are drawn in the interface as required for certain countries.
  • Drawing of blood (to be clicked?) To be drawn on the ground is now done correctly
  • Single clicking on an object interface (such as the backpack or small equipment item elements) will now properly look at those objects.
  • You will be able to see the object correctly depending on the interface (a small item in the backpack or equipment) when single-clicking the object)
  • Options should now save properly.
  • Option settings will be saved correctly
  • The journal scrollbars should behave better and not get stuck.
  • The scroll bar of the journal became a machine and stopped now
  • Interfaces can now have translucent backgrounds. (Currently containers, journal, party chat, and object handles use this.)
  • Background display with transparency option available At this time, use of this option affects containers, journals, party chat and objects)
  • Party chat gump added and integrated.
  • Party chat · gump has been added and it is complete
  • Macro icons have been added:
  • Simply drag the icon (to the right of the "key" field) off the macro editing interface and place it on your desktop. The name you give a These icons are used by double-clicking and are saved and restored when you exit and restart your client.
  • Macro icon has been added It is possible to create icons anywhere on the desktop to use macros. You can place it on the desktop by dragging and dropping the icon (right of the "key" field) on the macro edit screen. These icons can be used by double clicking, saving / reading of the position is done by closing the client and rebooting.
  • Skill gump functional should all be in, this includes: adding groups, the real / modified toggle, skill sum, deleting groups.
  • All skill and gump functions were introduced including group addition, real value / bonus value toggle button, skill total value.
  • Barks (speech) should now justify correctly (ie be left justified in the bark, but the bark itself should be centered over the speaker.)
  • The speech (of the character) functions in the normal position (eg, even if it is left-justified (?), The speech itself is centered according to the position of the spoken character)
  • Mouse wheels should now manipulate elements better.
  • Mouse / wheel will work for Mashi (should work) element
  • Barks are now outlined for easier reading. Dark colored barks are outlined in white, while light colored barks are outlined in black.
  • Messages that are displayed (on the screen) will be outlined and readable. Messages with dark tones are outlined white and those with light tones are outlined in black.
  • (Note that for "hyper" color pickers these two values ​​will be the same.) Color previewers added for color pickers.
  • A color viewer for color selection has been added. The color of one being displayed (the position where the mouse is located) is displayed, and the others selected are displayed correctly. (Note that two types of looks have the same viewer for "hyper" color selection)
  • A temporary fix for hueing / dyeing appearance on Voodoo 3 cards has been integrated.
  • Temporary fix for color tone / coloring problem seen on Voodoo 3 card has become perfect
  • A template-based hueing system has been fully integrated.
  • All color toning systems using templates are now complete
  • The weapon / shield hands for the paper doll now display properly.
  • Weapon / shield hands on paper doll will be displayed correctly
  • The client automatically starts in full screen mode for video cards that do not support a 3D windowed display.
  • For video cards that do not support 3D windows, the client will automatically start up in full screen mode
  • Translucent tiles are now enabled.
  • Transparent processing is possible
  • The "circle of transparency" is now enabled.
  • "Transparent circle" option now available
  • The "disappearing player" sorting problem has been fixed.
  • The problem (?) Caused by "missing character" has been fixed
  • The z-sorting problem with terrain tiles has been fixed.
  • Z-sorting problem with terrain tile has been fixed
  • More artwork has been refined and integrated.
  • Many of the art files have been improved and completed
  • Shadows can now be enabled / disabled in the uo.cfg file. (Shadows = on / off)
  • The shadow can be displayed / hidden by setting in the uo.cfg file. (Shadows = on / off)

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