Notes from 2001-01-08

Notes from 2001-01-08

List of Fixes and Features for Alpha Version 34 (amendments and additions for Alpha 34 version)

  • Numerous fixes and additions to the particle system.
    Many changes and additions were made to the particle system
  • Fixed the "2D offset" bug.
    "2D offset" bug fixed
  • Previous / Next commands (Alt-Up / Alt-Down) are now macros.
    Rrevious / Next command (ALT-UP / ALT-DOWN) macro was introduced
  • Books are now enabled.
    Book is now ready for operation
  • Bulletin Boards are now enabled.
    Bulletin board is ready for operation
  • Status bars now highlight as before (blue / red / gray).
    The status bar highlights as before (blue / red / gray)
  • Tutorials are now enabled.
    The tutorial is accessible
  • Text area scrollbars were cleaned up.
    Scroll bars in the text area have been removed
  • Word wrapping has been improved.
    Word wrap function was improved
  • Clickable URLs are now enabled.
    Clickable URL is now available
  • Fixed crash bugs in barks (on-screen speech).
    Crash bug due to talking (on screen speech) was fixed
  • Fixed crash bug from adding Macros.
    Crash bug due to macro addition was fixed
  • Fixed and updated several dozen different 'wearable' art files.
    The majority of "wear (paper doll)" art files have been modified / changed
  • Fixed several different head and facial hair sets.
    The head (display of) by a combination of many hairstyle / whiskers was corrected
  • Added proper textures for the GM robes.
    Texture of GM robe has been added
  • Fixed a crash bug associated with doors.
    Crash bug caused by the door has been fixed
  • Fixed the crash bug associated with client login / logout.
    Crash bug due to client login / logout has been fixed
  • Fixed a crash bug through improved list management.
    Crash bug caused by improving list management has been fixed

Readme3D.txt for Build 34

*** PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU REPORT ANY BUGS *** (Before submitting a bug report)

This version of Ultima Online: Third Dawn is currently an "Alpha." Please review the following list of known issues before report any any:

Ultima Online: Third dawn is currently "Alpha" version. Please read the following recognized issues again before reporting the problem.

  1. HARDWARE: (Hardware)
    MINIMUM HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS: (minimum hardware spec)
    The minimum specifications for Ultima Online: Third Dawn are as follows:
    Ultima Online: Third Down minimum specifications are as follows
    266 MHz Pentium II with 64 MB of RAM
    Windows 95/98
    DirectX version 7.0a
    Direct3D-compliant 3D accelerator with at least 16MB of VRAM
    600 MB of hard drive space
      There are some issues with the Direct3D compatibility of the Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 3-based graphics cards. We're currently investigating these issues.
      There are some things to consider about compatibility of Direct3D for Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 3 based graphics cards. We are currently investigating these issues.
      There are some issues with the Direct 3 D compatibility of the ATI RAGE PRO and RAGE 128 graphics cards. We're currently investigating these issues.
      There are problems with compatibility of ATI RAGE PRO and RAGE 128 graphics cards to Direct 3 D. We are currently investigating these issues.
    3. PERFORMANCE: (Performance)
      The optimization process for the code is not improving over the next few weeks. The minimum specifications listed above and feel the game is not playable due to performance issues , Please report this along with your machine specifications.
      Code modifications related to optimization have just begun, so performance will improve over the next few weeks. However, if your machine has specifications beyond the minimum recommended values ​​listed above, but you think that playing is hurt due to its performance, you have to specify your machine spec. Please give me a report above.
  2. ART: (artwork)
    *** Please do not report any art-related bugs at this time. ***
    *** Please do not report bugs related to art (graphics) at this point ***
    1. 3D ART:
      Integration and improvement of the 3D objects is ONGOING. New art, fixes and improvements will be provided regularly during the test cycle.
      Integration and improvement concerning 3D objects is "in progress". New art (introduction), application, improvement will be prepared and fully introduced during the test cycle period.
    2. SPELL EFFECTS: (Magical effect)
      Integration of the new particle system effects is ONGOING. New and improved effects will be provided regularly during the test cycle.
      Completion of the part of the new system effect is "in progress". New introduction and improvement of effects will be prepared and fully introduced during the test cycle.
    3. HUEING: (color tone)
      There are some problems with object hueing / dyeing that are being investigated at this time.
      Problems concerning the color and color of the object are under investigation research at this time.
    4. "INVISIBLE OBJECTS": (Invisible Object)
      Some objects may not have the proper 3D art file at this time, causing the objects to become "invisible" when equipping or using them.
      Currently there are no 3D art files available for some objects, so when you equip them or use them they are invisible.
  3. INTERFACE: (interface)
    Here are some new interface changes, which you may want to be aware of:
    Continually polish the new interface and update it during this test cycle. Taking the newly changed interface that you would like to know:
    1. You can cycle through your history of commands by pressing Alt-Up and Alt-Down.
      The command history can be cycled with ALT + UP and ALT + DOWN keys.
    2. You can resize your inventory, journal, and skill displays by left dragging the lower right corner of these interfaces.
      You can resize the items (backpack), journal, skill window by dragging the left (button) in the lower right corner to the left.
    3. Holding Shift while picking up a stack of objects will pick up the entire stack.
      You can lift the whole stack by lifting the stack object while pressing SHIFT.
    4. Holding Alt and Shift while picking up a stack of objects will result picking up one object from that stack.
      You can pick up just one of the stack objects by lifting ALT and SHIFT while holding down.
    5. Pressing and holding the control key down will bring bring up "object handles" for any items in your immediate vicinity with which you can interact.
      Hold down CTRL and an "object handle" will appear for items in the range you can work with.
      • - Yo may interact with object handles in all the same ways as interacting with those objects directly in the world - IE you can drag an object handle to pick the corresponding item up.
        With this object handle you can act directly on any actionable item in the world.
      • - For example, you can pick up the corresponding item by dragging the object handle.
      • - If many of these handles come up at once hiding the handle of another object, you can close the obscuring handles by right clicking on them.
        If these handles hide the handles of other objects, you can close them by right clicking on the handle.
    6. The blue gems to the left on the paper doll offer easy means of removing or equipping small items.
      The blue gem displayed on the left of the paper doll is prepared to prepare for the attachment and detachment of small items.
    7. The following interfaces are not yet accessible with the Third Dawn client:
      The following interfaces can not be operated with this TD client:
      • Party Manifest (Party List)
      • Party Chat (Party Chat)
      • Profile (Profile)
      • Books (book)
      • Chat System (UO chat)
      • Chessboard (chess board)
      • Backgammon Board (Backgammon)
      • Gravestone (Tombstone? Guildstone?)
      • Sign (house sign)
      • Login Tips (?)
      • Bulletin Boards (Bulletin Board)
      • Filter Editing (remark filter edit)
      • Display options have been disabled as they are generally unstable.
        Display options are still unstable and can not be used
      • GM Menu (GM menu)
    8. Changing some Options may result in highly undesirable behavior. Adjust options at your own peril.
      Changing some of the options will cause very undesirable behavior. Please change your options at your own risk.
    9. Weapons are placed in the LEFT hand and Shields are placed in the RIGHT hand. This will be corrected. This shield / weapon hands on the Third Dawn paper doll are currently reversed from 2D / Renaissance client.
      Weapons and shield handles on TD's paper doll are now opposite to the 2D Renaissance client. A weapon is equipped on the left hand and a shield is on the right hand. This will be fixed.
  4. SERVER: (server)
    Expect the "Alpha 3 rd Dawn" server to be operating intermittently as we continue to refine the code necessary to support the new areas and features of Ultima Online: Third Dawn.
    I prepared to continuously operate the "Alpha 3rd Dawn" server in order to refine the program code necessary to support Ultima Online: Third Dawn's New World, New Features.
  5. MAP: (map)
    Please map any map such as spawning and vendors that are going to be intermittent during the test cycle. Please report any map - related bugs you find.
    The map of the new world, Ilshenar, is nearly complete. However, Spawn and Vendor placement is problematic and will be adjusted during the test period. Please report if you find a bug.
    1. TERRAIN TILES: (Terrain Tile)
      This is being addressed. There is a z-sorting issue that occasionally displays the coastline tiles improperly, as well as showing ground tiles through the floor of a structure.
      Coastal tiles are occasionally displayed as inappropriate due to the problem of z - sorting (height direction?), And earth tiles are visible through the floor and buildings. A fix for this problem is underway.
      Access to the new world using the 2D renaissance client
      DO NOT try to use the 2D / Renaissance client in the new land mass. Your character will be stuck in place.
      "Never" Do not try to enter the new world with the 2D Renaissance client. The character will stack at that place.

HOW TO REPORT BUGS (How to submit a bug report)

Please do not contact Electronic Arts or technical support if you experience difficulty of any kind while running this software.
Origin Systems is in charge of alpha testing and support on this product. Never contact the Electronic Arts or technical support for any problems that occurred while launching this software.

If you encounter a bug, please post it in the Ultima Online: Third Dawn bug reporting message board on the web at:
*** (url) ***
If you find a bug, post it to Ultima Online: Third Dawn Bug Report BBS.
*** (url) ***

While posting, please observe the following:
When posting please observe the following items:

  1. Try to repeat the bug (to reproduce the bug)
  2. Try to repeat the bug with the 2D / Renaissance client (to be reproduced in the 2D renaissance client)
  3. Be as concise as possible when reporting a bug (Bug report is described as concisely as possible)
  4. Include a screen shot if appropriate (add screenshot if available)
  5. Outline the -exact-steps you used to repeat the bug (to describe the bugs reproducibly in order)
  6. Pass along your machine's hardware configuration and operating system (write about the hardware environment and OS)

Our testing staff will will read every bug report, but we will not be able to repair to each one. Please be patient and rest assured your comments are being heard.
Everyone involved in development looks over the bug report, but it is impossible to directly reply individually. Please be patient with patience until we receive your comment (without worrying that it has not arrived).

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE (holiday schedule)

There will be minimal testing and development taking place during this time.

The office of Origin Systems Corporation will be closed from December 25th to January 1st for all employees to enjoy holidays with their families. During this period only minimal testing and development will be done.

FINALLY (Finally)

Please remember this software is in Alpha Testing, and will be undergoing constant revision and polishing over the next several weeks. We thank you for taking the time to assist us during this process.

Do not forget that this software is an alpha test version. It will be refined and refined sequentially over the next few weeks. I appreciate your taking the time to assist you in this process.

UO-Patch Notes