Notes from 2001-02-03

Notes from 2001-02-03

List of Fixes and Features for Alpha Version 40

1) Several miscellaneous crash bug fixes.

2) Hueing/color fixes for 2d sprites.

3) Hueing/color fixes for 3d models.

4) Notoriety highlighting.

5) Sitting animations are now enabled.

6) Wisps and energy vortexes are enabled. (Still need work.)

7) Polymorph should now work correctly.

8) Spell casting animation fixes.

9) Zoom feature. (Use the mouse wheel or the associated macro to view)

10) Added ability to use <'s and >'s in the input window.

11) Improved mouse wheel code, recipients of events are more sensibly determined.

12) Text/font color fixes.

13) Minimization of gumps is re-enabled, as are the macros to for this.

14) Target gumps return.

15) Mouse over barks.

16) Releasing the right mouse button when a gump pops up under it no longer closes that gump.

17) Scaled up paper doll. (In-game interface and character creation.)

18) Toggling one skill group should no longer toggle the buttons for others. (Ditto for ComboBox extension toggles.)

19) Menu bar fixes.

20) Limited input buffer size to 100 chars to prevent a potential crash.

21) Last Spell macros fixed.

22) Last Target macros fixed.

23) Stop loading desktop macro fixed.

24) Fixed issue with all spell icons in book being "clumsy"

25) New art files, notably several improved wearables.

26) Improved mouse wheel code.

27) Sprite-based performance enhancements.

28) Disabled the "transerv.exe" file to reduce translation-induced lag in heavily populated areas.

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