Notes from 2001-02-07

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Notes from 2001-02-07

List of Fixes and Features for Beta Version 41

1) The Standard Template Library has been removed in order to improve 3D performance.

2) Various particle system fixes and improvements.

3) Fixes for z-buffering problems on the paper doll.

4) Various hueing/dyeing fixes and improvements.

5) Double-clicking on minimized containers should now behave correctly.

6) Fixed some communications-related crash bugs.

7) Various interface and gump fixes.

8) A *lot* of improved art files, notably wearables and carryables.

9) Various memory leak and crash bug fixes.

10) Enabled lighting on monsters and creatures.

11) Fixed Polymorph spell problem in the paper doll.

12) Sprite drawing performance improvements.

13) Fixes for rideable creatures.

14) Profile fixes.

15) Text color improvements.

16) Small Skill list fixes.

17) Murder Report crash bug fixed.

18) Shopping/Trade List fixes.

UO-Patch Notes