Notes from 2001-02-14 (2)

Notes from 2001-02-14 (2)

List of Fixes and Features for Beta Version 44

1) Various minor bug fixes.

2) Hueing system fixes and improvements.

3) Creatures should now leave proper 3D corpses.

4) Collision detection between the mouse and 3D objects has been improved.

5) Lights are now optional. (Lights=on/off in the UO.CFG file.)

6) Various performance enhancements.

7) Wearable layering improvements.

8) Bark/mouse collision improvements.

9) Bark location calculation improvements.

10) "Keep walking" interface restored to recreate the 2D interface. (If you single left click while walking, you'll continue to do so even after you let go of the right button.)

11) Tweaks to bark outlining colors. (This is getting close to being final)

12) Container ghosting bug fixed.

13) Idle warning gump bug fixed.

14) Paper dolls titles restored.

15) Maximum values of HPs/Mana/Stamina on the large status bars re-enabled.

16) Only one buy/sell gump can now be open at once.

17) Options/Macros save to disk immediately when you close the options gump.

18) Eliminated the "joiners" on status bars and replaced them with "dockers." (Dockers will drag their siblings around like joiners do if you hold down "shift" as you drag.)

19) Using function keys for macros restored.

20) Animals now show up in vendor gumps properly.

21) Polymorphing is now fixed.

22) Fixed translucency bug in paper doll.

23) Fixed several bugs involving the ghost.

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