Notes from 2001-02-20

Notes from 2001-02-20

List of Fixes and Features for Beta Version 47

1) Dragging and dropping on avatars while zoomed is fixed.

2) Fullscreen clicking mouse problems on desktop fixed.

3) 3D model rotations are now time-based.

4) Default animations have been integrated.

5) New UO.CFG file additions:

A) ParticleDensity: controls level of detail for ALL particle systems (0-10). (Default is 1.)
B) LogErrors: Turns logging to the UOReport0.log on or off. (Default is OFF to improve system performance.)
C) ForceModulate: Force use of Modulate only for 3D cards that don't support modulate and lighting functions simultaneously such as the S3 Savage cards. (Default is OFF.)

6) Terrain drawing optimizations.

7) Wearable drawing system improvements.

8) Minor bug and memory leak fixes.

UO-Patch Notes