Start Date 2004-12-17

Governance Last Updated: 2016-09-02
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain TuFf LiKe TiSsUe +5% HCI
Jhelom Maria Antionetti +2 MR
Minoc Cherry Poppins None
Moonglow SAM +5% SDI
New Magincia Nyx of Night +5% SDI
Skara Brae Agnark +5% SSI
Trinsic Nytheline +5% SDI
Vesper Cesar +1 FC
Yew DarkLotus +1 FC

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Rainstormer
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Shard History

As posted to FYI at UO.com [1]:

On Thursday, December 16, between 5:00 – 8:00 PM PST, a new shard will be born -- Origin. This shard will be a place where you can get a fresh start, claim that prime piece of real estate you’ve always had your eye on, or just rediscover the lands of Britannia.
Because we have many demo and free trial programs available, this shard will only be available to Ultima Online: Samurai Empire account holders for the first month. By limiting access in this way, we can ensure that our loyal customers have the first opportunity to claim the real estate and goods provided by the launch of the Origin shard. This restriction will be lifted in mid-January.
A few things you should know about the Origin Shard:
  • Origin will be located on the West Coast of North America
  • This Shard will be the first to receive most publishes and updates
  • Character Transfer will be disabled to and from Origin for the first 30-days
  • Advanced Characters will not be available for the first 30-days
We’re looking forward to seeing you on Origin!

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