Paralyzing Blow

Special Moves and Abilities

Paralyzing Blow

Special Move
UO Icon Paralyzing Blow.png

Mana Cost 30
Weapons Primary Secondary
  • Bow
  • Fencing
  • Pike
  • Bloodblade
  • Spear
  • Macing
  • Black Staff
  • Swords
  • Bardiche
  • Bone Harvester
  • Scimitar
  • Scythe
  • Stone War Sword
  • Viking Sword
  • Throwing
  • Cyclone
  • Other
  • Bare Hands

    Paralyzing Blow is a Special Move.


    “A successful Paralyzing Blow will leave the target stunned, unable to move, attack, or cast spells, for a few seconds. Duration is 3 seconds (player), 6 seconds (NPC). The duration is broken by combat damage in the same way as paralyze spell. This move is exempt from the Tactics requirement when used as an Unarmed (wrestling) special move. paralyze immunity applied to targets have been reduced to 6-8 seconds when used on weapons with speeds 3.5 or greater.” [1]

    Note that for pets, this special move is called simply "Paralyze".

    Mobiles Using Paralyzing Blow

    Mobiles which can train in Paralyzing Blow

    This only lists mobiles which can train in Paralyzing Blow 'out of the box'. Some additional mobiles may also be able to train Paralyzing Blow if their initial set of abilities and moves is modified.