Patch Notes from 1997-10-10

Patch Notes from 1997-10-10


  • are able to hear ghosts.
  • now get a light source.
  • log out instantly regardless of location
  • are set to neutral notoriety


  • Cleavers now work as bladed items (you can chop and carve with them).
  • Scissors are now sold by weavers.
  • Various new shop deeds are available, with larger spaces, counters, internal lockable storage *rooms, and other anti-theft and crowd-control layouts.
  • The "hint" message for bladed items will only come up when you use the item in correctly.
  • Chess, checkers, backgammon, and dice sets should now be sold in shops.
  • Communication crystals should work while in your backpack.

Pets and hirelings

  • Hirelings now destroy their equipment on death (this leaves them naked, but resolves an exploitation problem).
  • Hirelings now give the correct amount of days they will work when you pay them twice in a row.
  • The problem with your horse's name showing at the character select window is fixed.
  • A new pet command, "transfer," was added. This completely transfers loyalty from one boss to another. This should be used to sell pets to other players, rather than "friend," which merely adds an additional master.
  • Animal trainers now understand the word "stable." They will charge you 30gp from your bank account to stable a pet, and will keep it safely (unless they are killed) and well-fed even while you are logged out. The word "claim" will retrieve all pets you have at a given animal trainer.
  • Horses truly buck you off when they run out of loyalty (no "ghost horse" is le ft behind).


  • When clicking on someone, their name appears red, gray, or blue, depending on the following:
    • if performing a bad action such as theft, attack, or snooping would lower your notoriety, they show in blue
    • if performing such an action on them would improve your notoriety, the name shows in red
    • if it would have no effect on your notoriety, it shows in gray
  • We fixed a problem whereby you could never regain good standing after crossing a threshold of being evil.
  • We corrected a problem whereby attacking untame but tamable animals affected your notoriety and could result in guards being called.
  • The 1/100 chance of notoriety increase has been removed, since there is now a notoriety time cap on improvement.
  • We regularized the notoriety title scale; this may result in your title having changed by one stage from what it was previously.


  • Adjusted code related to item pricing.
  • Adjusted the target stock calculation for shops.
  • Lowered base prices of all types of bows.

Creatures and Ecology

  • Reagent frequency has been increased.
  • Dungeon spawn rate has been increased.
  • Guards will now appear in banks.
  • Architects are a little more common.
  • Corpsers and reapers are little rarer.
  • Guards will now tend to stay put around their post, rather than wandering off. This means no more guards in the woods except right near guardposts.
  • Orcs, trolls, ettins, lizardmen, ratmen, orc captains, harpies, liches, mongba ts, headless, and daemons all loot now.


  • An exploit to quickly raise the skill was fixed in lumberjacking.
  • Failure at lumberjacking ruins some of the wood.
  • Adjusted the list of skills shown when you ask to train with an NPC.
  • Inscribe doesn't copy the scroll if you lack the reagents.
  • We removed an extra and erroneous hunger report in animal lore when it was used on pets.
  • The word "lumberjacking" now works to train in lumberjacking. (It used to only take "lumberjack" and "woodcutting").

Spells and Scrolls

  • Scrolls will now cost mana: 1/2 the mana of a regular spell.
  • Scrolls will only be usable by people who have mastered spells of at least two circles below.


  • Humanoid spellcasters such as liches, mages, etc, have an increased chance of having magic items. Magic items on other other creatures are correspondingly reduced.
  • Strange cursor items no longer appear in chests.
  • Several doors that didn't have sounds now do.
  • Various stability fixes were made.
  • Removed hanging chainmail from quest items.
  • Various map bugs were fixed.
  • Found a way in which players obtained the wrong death robe.

Client patch

  • Container windows will have open and close sounds.
  • The problems many had with windows such as the skills window or paperdoll not opening when you tried to open them will be fixed. This occurred when you closed the c lient with windows partially offscreen.
  • Some problems with friend notification were ironed out.
  • Shopkeeper status window maximizing when you bought or sold is fixed.
  • Ghost movement has been adjusted to restrict their movement a little more.

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