Patch Notes from 2000-03-20

Patch Notes from 2000-03-20

A client patch was released that contained the following:

  • A resolution to the slow client performance on some video cards.
  • A fix for the "Dark Nights" option so it works independent of the "Colored Lighting" option.
  • The animation speed increase was halved.


  • 幾つかのビデオカードでのソフトウェアパフォーマンスの向上
  • 「カラーライティング効果」オプション設定が「暗視」オプションに影響していた不具合の修正
  • アニメーションの速度アップを半減しました。

Unofficial notes

Not mentioned in the patch notes, but this patch also added the '/' command for the party system.