Patch Notes from 2001-12-19

Patch Notes from 2001-12-19

Client Patch 3.0.6e (patch 96)

Dec 18 2001 2:58PM CST Several updates and bug fixes for both clients, including numerous party system bug fixes, mip-mapping, 2D and 3D additions, general performance improvements, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

2D Client

  • The 2D client will get a menubar.
  • Added support for new 2D monster art.
  • Interface drawing optimizations.

3D Client

  • Added support for more fonts.
  • Fixed issues involving the color picker.
  • Increased the radar gump drawing speed.
  • The version string will no longer display a build number.
  • Mouse cursor will now be correct when over generic gumps.
  • Fixed an issue involving pathfinding when zoomed in.
  • You will be able to switch 3D from fullscreen to windowed mode on the fly (Alt-Enter).
  • You will be able to resize the game in windowed mode as big as you want. However, the bigger you go, the slower the game will run.
  • Added Mip-mapping. (Mip-mapping is a method of drawing fewer and larger textures when the camera is zoomed farther out, eliminating the "sparkly" effect some users may have noticed in Third Dawn.)
  • Tweak for drawing spider silk when zoomed in.
  • Particle density configuration setting now works.
  • Fixed an issue with garbled textures on GeForce 3 cards.
  • Improved rendering of transparency on dragon wings.
  • When zooming in, objects that are no longer in view will not be drawn. This can be used to speed things up at crowded areas like banks.
  • General performance improvements (5%-20% depending on hardware and what's going on in game)

Party System Bug Fixes

  • 2D - Fixed a bug relating to party status bars becoming “frozen” and not closeable.
  • 2D – Fixed an issue involving overlapping text and the party manifest.
  • 3D - Fixed an issue with health bars moving to the center of the screen whenever party members reconnected or joined the party.
  • 3D - Fixed an issue relating to a party leader’s paperdoll automatically closing whenever a player would accept an invitation to join their party.
  • 3D – Fixed an issue regarding the “kick” button being displayed incorrectly in the party manifest.
  • 3D – Fixed an issue with party health bars not updating properly.
  • 3D – Fixed an issue involving skin hue and resurrecting dead party members.
  • 3D – Fixed an issue with names not being displayed for certain people when using the party speak option after reconnecting to the game.
  • 3D – Fixed an issue involving party message color.
  • Both - Typing ‘/#’ will no longer send a direct tell. Now you must type ‘/t#’ or ‘/t #’ to send a direct tell.

Both Clients (Miscellaneous)

  • Added support for the Virtue gump.
  • The version string will now have the patch number in it.
  • Both clients will get the new "Codex of Wisdom" help system.
    • F1 or clicking on the "?" button on the menubar will bring it up.
  • The old popup help system has been disabled.
  • Various localization files.

Client Patch 3.0.6e (patch 96), Client Patch 3.0.6e (patch 97), Client Patch 3.0.6f (patch 98), Client Patch 3.0.6f (patch 99), Client Patch 3.0.6f (patch 101)

No patch notes were released for these patches. They were released in the hours following the release of 3.0.6e (patch 96) to address issues in that patch and the followup patches.