Patch Notes from 2002-02-01

Patch Notes from 2002-02-01

We are targeting to release a client patch today at approximately 11:30am CST. For a detailed list of changes that will be included in this update, see http:\\\design_404.html. Once the patch has been released, the changes will be moved to Latest Game Updates.

The current version should be 3.0.6m for both the 2D and 3D clients.

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

2D Client

A crash bug related to books has been fixed. An issue concerning lockup during login has been addressed. 2D client will no longer attempt to play the intro movie at startup. An issue with missing swamp tiles has been adressed. An out of place guillotine graphic in one of the houses has been replaced.

3D Client

A crash bug related to the party system has been fixed. Resolved issues with non-clickable links in text gumps. Toggling the search button on the Codex will no longer toggle the button on the menubar as well. The client will no longer try to play music before playing the intro movies. Some particle system issues were addressed. The client should now startup properly on pre-OSR2 Win95 installations. (Still requires WinSock update though.) Movement with the mouse should now be more responsive.

Both Clients

The F10 key should no longer lock up either client. Houses (most noticeably castles) will no longer partially delete themselves. A crash bug related to creature names has been fixed. A crash bug related to lockdowns has been fixed. Various localization files.