Patch Notes from 2002-02-15

Patch Notes from 2002-02-15

Miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements for both clients, including fixes for a client crash bug, nodraw tiles in Ilshenar, missing terrain textures, as well as changes to the Codex of Wisdom, and various localization files.

2D Client

  • An issue with NoDraw tiles in Ilshenar has been fixed.
  • An issue with missing terrain textures has been fixed.
  • A client crash bug has been fixed.

Both Clients

  • Codex of Wisdom changes:
  • If no search results are returned, you will now get an informational page that has a link to the RightNow webpage.
  • Titles will no longer be in boldface type.
  • Related topic titles will be clickable.
  • Item lists will be denoted with a [+] instead of a .+. in the index.
  • Various localization files.

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