Patch Notes from 2003-08-28: Patch Message Upgrade

Patch Notes from 2003-08-28: Patch Message Upgrade

In an effort to improve the layout and functionality of the UO patch message, a few changes will be made that we hope will make it a little easier to find and keep track of the latest game news and support issues.

The new patch message will be a larger, more visually appealing version of the current one with clickable HTML links and an easier to read interface. A good portion of the patch message will be taken up by a section that effectively functions like a mini-browser and contains the latest news and support issues. Clicking a link in this section will open a separate window in your default web browser that will take you to a page with further details. You'll no longer have to scroll down a column of plain text to find the issues that are most relevant to your gameplay, as links to the most recent and important games changes will be listed in a very clear and concise manner.

4.0.0p Patcher Update.gif

Below the main window will be the area that displays the technical information about the patch, including the version number and files being patched, as well as a progress bar.

It's important to note that both 2D and 3D game clients will be receiving this update. For Internet Explorer users, if you're not using a new enough version, you'll get the following message when trying to use the new patcher:

"You apparently have an outdated copy of Internet Explorer running on your computer. Please visit and upgrade to a version greater then Internet Explorer 3.1 ."

In the case of a patch-updating error, there will be a failsafe non-HTML version of the patch message available.

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