Patch Notes from 2006-11-16

Patch Notes from 2006-11-16

Publish 43 Incremental Update

UO Team 16 Nov 2006 00:00:00 EST

  • Turned off the Sewer Rat invasion and the Halloween event content (Note: The Shard of the Dead will remain up until further notice)
  • The 8th Age quiver is no longer blessed on Siege or Mugen
  • The Heritage Collection Boiling Cauldron is now a container (may require re-deeding)
  • Peaches picked from the Heritage Peach Tree will now stack with other peaches
  • Personal attendants will no longer lose their clothing after passing through a moongate
  • Fixed an issue that was causing arcane clothing charges to be used when the player had the required reagents
  • Fixed an exploit with aquariums
  • Fixed an exploit with Character Statues
  • Fixed an exploit with certain skills that could bypass the skill re-use timer
  • Various fixes for issues with character transfer