Patch Notes from 2007-03-21

Patch Notes from 2007-03-21

We have a new client version ready with lots of fixes! Some specific points of interest:

  • Targeting is now changed to be more like legacy. You cast a spell and are asked for a target, instead of automatically casting at your target. This is not the final targeting solution, but should feel more comfortable until the next big update. Check out the new default key mapping here.
  • Try out the Flexible Desktop feature, which can be accessed from the player option menu. It shrinks the play window and creates a black desktop where you can place UI widgets, just like legacy.
  • The new art files will fix lots of monsters, wearables and other art bits, but not environment bits. Those will be fixed in the next update.

To get it, follow the updated download instructions here. You will have to uninstall the old version and reinstall the new one - the changes we made to the art files were too involved to fix using the patcher. Please download the new version as soon as possible, so you can start banging on it.