Patch Notes from 2007-04-04

Patch Notes from 2007-04-04

UI Fixes/Additions

  • Titles now appear in a gold bar at the bottom of the paperdoll
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to drag items off of an npc’s paperdoll
  • Removed HTML tags from insured items
  • Gold in a small amounts (6 pieces and less) will now show as a small stack and not a pile of gold.
  • Can now drag items onto hotbar from freeform view.
  • Fixed issues with monster portraits
  • Fixed issues with portraits of corpses
  • Getting a system message popup while the player is moving will no longer interrupt movement
  • Double clicking an item should now add it to your purchase list.
  • Adding min/max camera zoom
  • Skill descriptions now in place for the following skills: bushido, chivalry, discordance, focus, resisting spells, meditation, necromancy, ninjitsu, parry, spellweaving, stealth, and tactics.
  • Skills gump changes:
    • Show skill caps/hide skill caps button labels changed to show caps/hide caps
    • Your total max allowed skill points are no longer being shown.
  • Added context menus for status window, target window, floating health bar, and party window.
  • If there is no entry for a spell in a spellbook (i.e. the page/tab only has 4) then the empty spots are now empty rather than saying missing icon/missing text
  • Added power words and reagents needed to cast the spell on the spellbooks.
  • Added extra line after description before reagents on the tooltip for spells
  • Fixed issues with fullscreen mode
  • Reverse display order of inventory, so that new things go to the end, instead of the beginning
  • You can now enable and disable the flexible desktop. With this option on you can move the window (by clicking on the edge of the play window) and resize the window (by clicking on the handle in the corner) The settings will be saved and restored next time you play
  • The chat window now uses the same font for Japanese and English

Character Creation Fixes/Additions

  • Fixed several bugs on the character creation screen
  • Elves now have their own Skin and Hair CC color pickers

Gameplay Fixes/Additions

  • You can now easily drop things onto the ground from the paperdoll
  • The gate now shows up now when the "Gate" spell is used to travel
  • You can now use tools on static objects (like trees, to harvest wood).