Patch Notes from 2007-06-08

KR Client Patch

Patch Notes from 2007-06-08

Today at 5:30 PM PST, there's going to be a Kingdom Reborn client patch to make some changes and fix various bugs.


  • Quickly clicking in a direction you're not facing should again result in facing the direction, rather than moving
  • Added dye tub gump – note, this build has the following known issues with this gump:
  • No brightness slider
  • Does not show hue number like 2D
  • No preview or okay button
  • Skills window keybinding now available in the User Settings menu
  • Abilities window keybinding removed
  • Map Window renamed to Toggle Map
  • Toggle Map default set to M
  • Toggle Map now toggles between off, radar, and map views
  • After assigning a keybinding and hitting cancel, when you return to the user settings screen, the keybinding will be unchanged.
  • The Reset button returns all settings on the user settings screen, including keybindings, to their default values.
  • The following screen resolutions were added as choices:
  • 16:9 "widescreen" (1280x720)
  • 16:10 "widescreen" (1152x720)
  • All waypoints on the radar map will now be turned on by default
  • Players can no longer change the keybinding for “Cancel Action”
  • Energy Vortexes should be easier to see in daylight

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where player would fall through to the first floor when they walked around on anything above the ground floor
  • You should be able to place interior stair cases again
  • Fixed issues with the client not walking around objects in your path properly
  • Replaced ships’ masts
  • Fixed bug where some monster corpses couldn’t be opened to loot
  • Fixed issue where a player who dies while running via the keyboard keys or who polymorphs while running using the keyboard will keep running while dead/polymorphed.
  • Fixed issue with selecting terrain as a target for mining, spellcasting, etc
  • Fixed bug where spells were not casting from the current hot bar number, they were casting from the 1st hot bar
  • Paperdoll no longer stretches when equipping certain items.
  • The following options now save and load correctly:
  • Always Run
  • Circle of Trans
  • Show Names
  • Query before criminal
  • Always attack
  • Fixed bug with certain gumps (polymorph, animal form, some promo tokens, etc.) not shutting down properly.
  • Fixed scroll bars not working in vendor gumps and assorted other vendor problems
  • The Custom skills tabs should work correctly
  • Creating a character with an invalid name should correctly give you an error rather than hanging
  • Fixed a bug where newly created characters with manually-changed stats did not get the correct stats
  • Fixed a bug with resigning from a guild and kicking a player out of a guild
  • Animal Form and Polymorph gumps should work correctly
  • Summoned and regular daemons should no longer have a missing animation frame (pink square)
  • Polar bear polymorph works correctly
  • The death effect works on all races/genders and the paperdoll should display correctly when dead
  • Fixed criminal warning gump appearing incorrectly when attacking a grey creature
  • Fixed issue with the ninja jacket
  • Fixed issue where deleting the user folder would remove the chat/system window
  • Wisps should be targetable
  • Snooping will open the snooped inventory successfully. NOTE: at this time snooping does not lock the view to freeform; this will be fixed in a future build
  • Options to set guild title, charter, and website should work
  • Fixed issue with item info displaying incorrectly after an item in your pack has been clicked on
  • Sheep, when sheared, should look correctly unfluffy
  • Meer Eternals and Ethereal Beetles should no longer display as imps.
  • Corpse inventory should no longer close automatically
  • “Create” button should be disabled if you have no more free character slots on a shard
  • Wraith and Horrific Beast forms should display correctly

Crash Bugs

  • Fixed a crash when a player logged in again after logging out but not closing/reopening the client
  • Fixed a crash when opening a backpack in wraith form
  • Fixed client crashes relating to the customized housing tool

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