Patch Notes from 2007-07-23-2

Patch Notes from 2007-07-23-2

KR Patch vers.

Jeremy Dalberg23 Jul 2007 15:35:05 EST

At 11:30AM PDT (6:30PM GMT) on Monday, July 23, Kingdom Reborn client patch vers will be deployed. This patch contains the following changes:

  • Added separate “War Mode” and “Peace Mode” macros
  • Fixed some rubberbanding issues in Felucca
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Added a “Show Chat Window” option in Interface Settings – when unchecked, the Chat window will be hidden
  • Fixed issue with monsters aggroing before actually being attacked
  • Further fixes to tall item stacks in houses not being displayed properly
  • Items in freeform (legacy) inventory are larger
  • Dropping items in your inventory should place them closer to where you click
  • Added macros for boat and pet commands (premade macros using the art that went in last patch)
  • Added ability to select the color of various chat channel text
  • Fixed issues with “Cursor Target Last” not working on locations
  • Increased amount of zoom-in possible on the map
  • Fixed bug with item stacks not combining properly
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed issue with roof peak tiles being slightly too low
  • The radar map should now be correctly centered on your location
  • Book page numbers should display correctly
  • Added detail and fixed display issue with water on the radar map
  • Added minable areas to some of the terrace edges in Moonglow – this is an interim fix for the disappearance of minable spots on the forest floor
  • Made a number of animation polish/tweaks
  • Made cave entrances look more natural at many locations
  • Fixed issue that was preventing mouse clicks from being registered
  • Fixed bug with right-click not working properly when looting/buying from player vendors