Patch Notes from 2007-11-20-1

Patch Notes from 2007-11-20-1

KR Client vers.

Jeremy Dalberg20 Nov 2007 18:13:22 EST

At 3:15PM PST (11:15PM GMT) on Tuesday, November 20, the Kingdom Reborn client will be updated to version Notes after the jump:

New Features:

  • Legacy Art Mode - enable this in Options: User Settings: Graphics, then restart the client to enable
  • Fully Moddable UI -
  • Substantial number of client optimizations - should run much smoother now
  • Improved the guild ui
  • Added legacy container art - enable this in Options: User Settings: Graphics (no restart needed for this one)
  • Fixed a number of windows that weren't updating properly, ncluding party window, pet window, draggable health bars, and more
  • The item properties "blessed" "blessed for playername" and "insured for playername" are now colored blue for increased visibility
  • "Macros" and "Actions" are two separate items on the main menu
  • Improved the layout of the veteran rewards window
  • Improved the animal lore window
  • Polished spellbook window
  • Polished char creation window
  • Improved npc vendor window
  • Empty slots on the paperdoll now have a tooltip telling you what goes in it
  • Removed the "add by ID" option in the friends list (since there's no way to find an ID, it was not usable)
  • Improved the art and functionality of the party window
  • Added a line to specify what the target is in the tooltip for a hotbar slot

Chat Improvements:

  • The default chat config now only has one tab with all chat in it.
  • Added a "reset chat to default" option in settings
  • Added /r or /reply command to automatically reply to the last person to send you a /tell
  • /tell now requires a comma after the player name (it will also handle multi-word names)
  • Shift-left clicking on a line of chat will copy it to the clipboard
  • Party, guild, alliance and faction messages will not show as overhead text
  • The chat context menus now has a color selection option for text color, overhead chat color, and chat window background color

Map Improvements:

  • added a settings:interface item to reset map icons to default
  • added 40 new icons for waypoints
  • waypoint icons on the map will show sextant coordinates when you mouse over them

UI Improvements and Fixes:

  • You can now target a player or creature by clicking the name over their head
  • Added a user settings option to use the mouse wheel for targeting - can choose target friendly or target enemy
  • Added stat hotbar icons - you can drag off icons from the stats window to your hotbar, where it will display the number of your stat. (mouseover the icon for the name of the stat)
  • Health, mana, and stamina stat icons will change when their value is under 10 - the weight icon will glow when you approach your weight limit
  • Added dual monitor support - the kr window can now be stretched across two monitors
  • Static objects (trees, etc) will now display their name when you click on them
  • If you have your bandages in your hotbar, a timer will count down when you use them, telling you how long it will be until the bandage is applied
  • Fixed a few bugs with tree foliage not fading correctly
  • When you drag a stack of items, the number of items will automatically be selected
  • skill icons in your hotbar will now show your skill points in their tooltip
  • Made toggle UI, screenshot, toggle circle of transparency, reload ui all configurable keybindings
  • Turn off hotbar page flipping if legacy chat is enabled (use shift 0-9 to change hotbars in legacy mode)
  • Players can now target items on ther hotbars, provided the item is in their backpack or equiped.
  • Added a default targeting for spells, different spells now have a different default target instead of defaulting always to current target.
  • Many macros can now be interrupted by the ESC key

General Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added decoration in many areas, including the doom gauntlet and serpent's hold
  • Shortened the hiryu's tail
  • Made giant beetle's beak shorter
  • Made ostards' tails shorter
  • Tweaked and added a number of creature graphics and animations
  • The skills available in Character Creation now match 2d
  • Items behind other items should be easier to select in freeform view
  • Tweaked appearance of trees to make them blend with the background less