Patch Notes from 2008-07-15

Patch Notes from 2008-07-15

15 Jul 2008 16:52:14 EST

All shards will be published with the following during their next regular maintenance:

  • Archery Buttes should now be useable when placed
  • Blue players are no longer able to heal faction members in Felucca
  • Event Quest items such as Bloodied Parchment, Soggy Parchment and the Note from Casca are now blessed so players can not lose them
  • Melissa’s Cloak can no longer be used as Powder of Fortification
  • Corroded boxes will no longer get stuck on the ground when opened outside of a backpack
  • Issue was fixed with the Mouseholes so they can be axed to deed form.
  • Guards will not be aggressive to newly tamed pets in town nor will newly tamed pets be ignored by mobs
  • Yonns will now accept Mininova Wands, Jaana’s Hangover Cure, Pink Champagne and the 300th Anniversary Coins
  • Yonns will no longer accept House Decoration Tools