Patch Notes from 2009-03-25

Patch Notes from 2009-03-25

English patch notes

No English patch notes were released for this patch.

Japanese patch notes

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

  • Content for Treasure of Tokuno 3 will be added.
  • The storage location of the setting file such as 2D client macros in Japanese mode is changed.
  • Before change: "Documents" (My Documents) folder → "EA Games" → "Ultima Online Legacy"
  • After change: "Documents" (My Documents) folder → "EA Games" → "Ultima Online 2D"
  • If you change the contents of the folder before change to the one after change, the previous settings can be inherited.
  • English mode has not been changed.

Japanese version

  • トレジャーオブトクノ3用のコンテンツが追加されます。
  • 日本語モードでの2Dクライアントのマクロなどの設定ファイルの保存場所が変更されます。
  • 変更前:「ドキュメント」(マイドキュメント)フォルダ→「EA Games」→「Ultima Online Legacy」
  • 変更後:「ドキュメント」(マイドキュメント)フォルダ→「EA Games」→「Ultima Online 2D」
  • 変更前のフォルダの中身を変更後のものに移せばそれまでの設定が引き継げます。
  • 英語モードは変更されていません。

Unofficial Patch Notes

New localization strings

  • Light's Rampart [Replica]
  • Tongue of the Beast [Replica]
  • Obi di Ense [Replica]
  • Jade Armband [Replica] - Bracelet with 10 HCI, 10 DCI, 5 SSI, 20 Poison Resistance
  • Royal Guard Investigator [Replica] - Cloak +20 Stealth
  • Magical Door [Replica]
  • Requires basket weaving (carpentry and tinkering specialization)
  • You haven't learned basket weaving. Perhaps studying a book would help!
  • basket
  • square basket
  • small square basket
  • tall round basket
  • small round basket
  • tall basket
  • winnowing basket
  • picnic basket


  • Added 6 new replicas
  • Added support for basket weaving
  • Added support for mixing pigments
  • Added additional BOD book colors
  • Added chicken coops