Patch Notes from 2009-07-23‑1

Patch Notes from 2009-07-23‑1

New Client Patch

Chrissay Zeeman

23 Jul 2009 18:05:42 EST


  • Optimized client to reduce hitching while running/teleporting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed skills not alphabetizing in the customized skill index of the character creation process
  • Fixed overhead text not relocating itself based on stance or avatar height
  • Fixed hotbar items adopting the hue of the last item that was clicked on
  • Ships are no longer flooded with water
  • Fixed doorway pathing issues in player housing for towers, keeps, and castles
  • Bottom portion of several Legacy Container contents are no longer get cutoff
  • Viewing contents of player-run vendors and pack animals no longer locks to Legacy Container view
  • Fixed Equip macro contents becoming inaccessible when scrollbar is removed