Patch Notes from 2009-09-03

Patch Notes from 2009-09-03

Enhanced Client (beta) Update

Chrissay Zeeman

03 Sep 2009 20:40:58 EST


  • Imbued items will now display “Imbued” item property text in blue.
  • Added icons for “Infused Throw” and “Mystic Arc”.

Bug Fixes:

  • The hue of thrown weapons now matches the hue of the actual weapon.
  • Location-based particle effects will now appear properly.
  • Forges no longer flicker when used.
  • Animated objects no longer flicker in and out of existence.
  • Fixed ghost pathing issues in Hythloth.
  • Fixed pathing issues with certain cave entrances.
  • Fixed issues with preview images of promotional item tokens appearing outside of the icon borders.