Patch Notes from 2009-12-15

Patch Notes from 2009-12-15

Origins Server Downtime - Publish 63.0.0 Release

James Nichols

15 Dec 2009 13:33:18 EST Greetings!

At 2:00PM EST Origins will be brought offline to release Publish 63. Additionally Client (Legacy) and (Enhanced) will be available to all servers. We anticipate Origins to be back online by 4:00PM EST.

For the full Publish 63 notes please read here. Below are the additional changes we have made since TC1 last week:


  • Fixed an issue that prevented skill on various artifact and crafted items from being detected by the imbuing system.
  • Some community collection items cannot be imbued due to the balance issues.
  • Eternal Guardian Staff cannot be imbued due to balance issues.


  • Updated Global Chat color to blue to improve readability in the Journal.
  • Fixed Classic Client crash when user clicks the Leave gem while the Create Channel dialog is open.
  • Disabled Trial Accounts from participating in custom chat channels.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to enter certain cave entrance

Thank you!