Patch Notes from 2010-02-02 (2)

Patch Notes from 2010-02-02 (2)

Patch (Enhanced Client)

  • Players from Global Chat can now be added to the Ignore List. Click on the “Add from Chat” button when adding players to ignore.
  • “Filter Obscenity” and “Ignore Players” options are now turned on by default.

Hotbar Updates

  • With Legacy Targeting turned off, target type is indicated by the color of the outline around each slot.
  • Hotkey assignments on the hotbar are now more visible.
  • All hotbar slots now properly highlight on mouseover.

Added new actions

  • Equip Last Weapon: swaps between the currently equipped weapon and last equipped weapon.
  • Bandage Self: searches for the first available bandage in the backpack and uses it on yourself.
  • Bandage Selected Target: searches for the first available bandage in the backpack and uses it on your current target.
  • Quit Game: exits the client (key binding is also available).

Updates to the “Equip Item” action:

  • Now properly equips between two-handed weapons and one-handed weapon/shield combinations. (*)
  • Added an “Add Equipped” button when editing the action that adds all currently equipped items to the action.
  • The same item can no longer be added to the action infinite times.

Additional Changes

  • Updated the placeholder icons for many of the macro action.
  • Added item and weight count tooltips to the player backpack. (*)
  • Empty containers no longer open with an empty view.
  • Reduced the duration of the earthquake shake and synced it up with the sound effect.
  • Chat Color option for “Custom” has been relabeled to “Chat (Global)”.

Bug Fixes

  • Players are no longer able to open multiple NPC vendor gumps simultaneously.
  • NPCs and players will no longer appear to ghost on edge of screen when player is zoomed out to max.
  • A correction was applied to the spam filter to avoid it incorrectly triggering short burst of speech.
  • Fixed an issue where items placed on the ground are occasionally invisible without any particularly identifiable reason.
  • Gaman no longer sound like songbirds

Please Note: Requires Publish 64 to be fully operational.