Patch Notes from 2010-05-27

Patch Notes from 2010-05-27

SA test client patch

English patch notes

  • Fixed unexpected item swapping issues while in list view or Legacy container view.
  • Fixed players locking up in high-graphics areas when moving their mouse cursor off the game viewport into the empty black areas of the user interface.

Server changes

  • Runebooks should now work correctly
  • Players will be able to drop items in pack animals correctly again.
  • Swamp Dragons will no longer block meditation

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

  • Fixed an issue where items are replaced when displaying containers in list or 2D container format.
  • Fixed a problem that moving the mouse cursor from the main window of the game to the black margin part in a place where there are many items, etc. will not be able to move.

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)


  • リストまたは2Dコンテナ形式でコンテナを表示している場合にアイテムが入れ換わってしまう問題を修正しました。
  • 多数のアイテムなどがある場所でマウスカーソルをゲームのメインウインドウから黒い余白部分に移動させると、動くことができなくなってしまう問題を修正しました。