Patch Notes from 2010-10-12 (1)

Patch Notes from 2010-10-12 (1)

No patch notes were released for this patch.

Unofficial Patch Notes

New localization strings

  • Using a Soul Gem on this item will make it brittle, unrepairable, reduce its maximum durability by 50, and rehue the item.
  • Your ship has been temporarily colored with the special paint. You are now previewing the ship as it will look if the paint is permanently applied. Do you wish to make the color permanent?
  • "Weathered" Special Ship Paint
  • "Two Tone" Special Ship Paint
  • * Non-Transferable Account Bound Item *
  • 13th Anniversary Gift
  • Forged metal of artifacts
  • Target an item to enhance with the properties of your selected material. The odds are in your favor.