Patch Notes from 2011-03-17

Patch Notes from 2011-03-17

Client patch /

English patch notes

  • Players can now pick what part of the world you would like for your character to begin. You will have the option to start in New Haven if you wish. Young players can start where ever they like but the default will still be New Haven.

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

SA Client patch

  • Fixed an issue where the arrangement of items becomes incorrect when an SA client user delivers an object to the other party.
  • "2D formula paper doll" setting was added. You can switch the setting from the "2D" tab of the user setting. 【3/19 Addition】

Common for both clients

  • When creating a character you will be able to choose from which city you want to start. This option also includes New Haven. If the account with Young status creates a character, the standard point is the start point, but you can choose your favorite city.

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)


  • SAクライアントユーザーが相手に物を渡した場合に、アイテムの配置が正しくなくなってしまう問題を修正しました。
  • 「2D式ペーパードール」の設定を追加しました。ユーザー設定の「2D」タブから設定を切り替えることができます。 【3/19追加】
  • 両クライアント共通の


  • キャラクター作成時に、どの街から始めるのか選択できるようになります。この選択肢にはニューヘイブンも含まれます。ヤングステータスを持つアカウントがキャラクターを作成した場合のスタート地点は標準ではニューヘイブンのままですが、好きな街を選ぶこともできます。

Unofficial patch notes

New items

  • Compassion Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Honesty Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Honor Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Humility Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Justice Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Ritual Table
  • Sacrifice Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Spirituality Tapestry (2 facings)
  • Valor Tapestry (2 facings)

Map changes

  • The ruins of Magincia began to be replaced by New Magincia:
  • some rubble was removed
  • 22 areas were raised and flattened for housing plots

Technical changes

  • The format for Character List packet data changed.
  • A new flag for the selected starting location for new characters was added.
  • New flags for new character starting x, y, and z positions were added.
  • A new flag for new character starting map was added.