Patch Notes from 2011-05-12

Patch Notes from 2011-05-12

Client patch /

English patch notes

No English patch notes were published for this patch.

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

Changes (common to both clients)

  • Changes in preparation for Publish 70.4.

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)

変更内容 (両クライアント共通)

  • パブリッシュ70.4に備えた変更。

Unofficial patch notes

  • Many localization typos were corrected.

New localization strings

  • You must have the Rustic theme pack to use this feature.
  • You must have the Gothic theme pack to use this feature.
  • * Requires the "Gothic" theme pack
  • * Requires the "Rustic" theme pack
  • Your account lacks the entitlement required to use this.
  • You must have the Rustic theme pack or the Gothic theme pack to use this feature.
  • That's a waste! It's yours!
  •'s bad manners!
  • He already has a drink.
  • I missed!
  • The bottle thrown by ~1_NAME~ has hit my head and liquid in the bottle has spilled out!
  • No thank you!
  • Sweet!
  • Hey baby. It's on me!
  • Hi, handsome. It's on me!
  • Thanks girl!
  • It's on me!
  • Wow!
  • You have received a drink from ~1_NAME~!
  • He refused a drink already.
  • She refused a drink already.
  • You can only toss bottles.
  • You cannot toss it to a player in the heat of combat!
  • You create a new backpack to this creature.
  • You put the item into the creature's pack.

Enhanced Client

  • Gargoyle wearables were fixed to display correctly in the paperdoll.