Patch Notes from 2011-06-01

Patch Notes from 2011-06-01

Client patch /

English patch notes

  • Cliloc Updates.
  • Updated art for the Arcane Circle and the Freshly Picked Rose.

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

Changes (common to both clients)

  • Update localization file
  • Fixed an issue where characters were not displayed in the correct language in some windows.
  • Because this problem was fixed, we can no longer use anomalous method which realized item name English display other than on property when "Display name in English" is valid. Therefore, this option will function as per the original specifications.
  • Updated the art of Arcane Circle and pretty roses.

Changes (SA client)

  • The character entry field of one line will not wrap to the next line.

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)

変更内容 (両クライアント共通)

  • ローカライズファイルの更新
  • 一部のウインドウで正しい言語で文字が表示されなかった問題の修正。
  • この問題が修正されたため、「名称を英語で表示する」有効時にプロパティ上以外でのアイテム名英語表示を実現していた変則的手法は使用できなくなりました。そのため、このオプションは本来の仕様どおりに機能するようになります。
  • アーケインサークルと可憐なバラのアートを更新しました。

変更内容 (SAクライアント)

  • 一行の文字入力欄が次の行に折り返さなくなります。

Unofficial patch notes

New graphics

  • Tomato plant (4 stages)
  • a round bush (2 facings)

New localization strings

  • The magic that allows this fishing pole to work in lava is fading.
  • As the magic of the hook fades, it transforms to a normal fishhook. The fishing pole returns to normal.
  • By order of the newly crowned Queen Zhah, the Great Library will be rebuilt in the Royal City. The Athenaeum Isle has been deemed dangerous territory. All salvageable items from the fallen library on the Isle will be secured and transferred to the Royal City.
  • Prugyilonus
  • King Trajalem
  • Queen Zhah
  • In accordance with Gargish law, the rite of Challenge is open to all warrior males who wish to issue a challenge to the King.
  • A male wishing to issue challenge must make their desire known to the King formally during the introduction ceremony at the Challenge ring. The King must accept all challenges.
  • Once all Challenges are issued, the arbiter of the rite will announce the commencement of battle. Battle must adhere to the following rules of honor:
  • 1. Weapons are not allowed; all battle must be by hand, be it magical or physical.
  • 2. The first opponent knocked to the ground must admit defeat and withdraw from the Challenge.
  • 3. If the King falls before all challengers are defeated, the warrior that defeated him must defeat the other challengers in order to prove themselves the true successor.
  • 4. The warrior that defeats all challengers will be declared King.
  • 5. If all challengers are defeated by the current King, he has secured his rule until the next Challenge rite is allowable.
  • To Her Honor the High Broodmother, Lady Zhah from his majesty, King Trajalem:
  • High Broodmother, I have received your latest petition regarding your desires and I once again must remind you that I have absolutely no interest in altering tradition or granting you the freedom from the slavery you have deluded yourself into believing makes up your life.
  • Please remember that your office may be stripped by me if you are deemed unfit to lead the other
  • Broodmothers. Be happy with your place and do not forget it; this is the last time I will lower myself to respond to these ridiculous accusations and requests.