Patch Notes from 2012-01-11

Patch Notes from 2012-01-11

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English patch notes

  • Cliloc Changes

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

Changes (common to both clients)

Update localization file

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)

変更内容 (両クライアント共通)


Unofficial patch notes

New localization strings

  • shackled heart
  • cupid's arrow
  • cupid statue
  • Discord Mastery
  • Provocation Mastery
  • Peacemaking Mastery
  • Switch Mastery
  • You have changed to ~1_val~
  • You do not have the required skill levels to switch to this mastery.
  • Runic Crafting Options
  • Enchanted Hot Item
  • (Escape from dungeon to remove spell)
  • The stolen item magically returns to the trunk where you found it.
  • The curse is removed from the item you stole!
  • Ouch! These stolen items are hot!
  • Take the prisoner to the entrance of Wrong Dungeon so they can escape. The brigands will try to kill them, so you must defend them.

    I don't know what to do, they took my weapons and broke my hands. They follow these two necromancers and I think they intend to eat us as part of some dark ritual! Will you help me? Please? Get me out of this prison, please....
  • That person won't sit still for it! A more aggressive approach is in order.
  • That person has committed no crime!
  • You cannot arrest that person.
  • You place the ~1_name~ under arrest. That's some good police work!
  • You arrest the ~1_name~. Take the criminal to the guard captain.
  • * ~1_player~ tries to arrest ~2_target~, but the ~3_type~ has not been subdued *
  • * ~1_player~ places ~2_target~ under arrest *
  • * ~1_player~ tries to place ~2_name~ under arrest. It doesn't put up much of a struggle
  • Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
  • * ~1_player~ tries to place ~2_name~ under arrest. The ~3_type~ looks around, bewildered *
  • You cannot reach that.
  • You cannot arrest that.
  • What would you like to arrest?
  • * ~1_name~ clears a pile of garbage *
  • * ~1_name~ puts out a fire *
  • That person is already under arrest.
  • You did not take your prisoner to the Guard Captain in time.
  • You already have a prisoner.
  • mysterious tunnel
  • You must wait to perform another teleportation.
  • prison soap
  • You uncover a hidden item: ~1_val~
  • That target is dead and even Cupid's arrow won't make them love you.
  • Cupid's Arrow 2012
  • You may only combine runic tools of the same type.
  • You may only combine runic tools of the same material.
  • The combined charges of the two tools cannot exceed 100.
  • Both tools must be in your backpack in order to combine them.
  • You combine the runic tools, consolidating their Uses Remaining.
  • You cannot re-forge that item with this tool.
  • Valentine's Day 2012
  • Reforged (Minor)
  • Reforged (Lesser)
  • Reforged (Greater)
  • Reforged (Major)
  • Reforged (Legendary)
  • You re-forge the item!
  • Re-forging failed. You did not choose a name! Please try again.
  • I should be easily able to find a better replacement for that bulk order.
  • I shouldn't have too much trouble finding a better replacement for that bulk order.
  • It will be very difficult for me to find a better replacement for this bulk order.
  • I won't be able to replace that bulk order with a better one.
  • If you help me out, I'll help you out. I can replace that bulk order with a better one, but it's gonna cost you ~1_amt~ gold coin. Payment is due immediately. Just hand me the order and I'll pull the old switcheroo.
  • My business is being watched by the Guild, so I can't be messing with bulk orders right now. Come back when there's less heat on me!
  • blanket of darkness
  • torture rack east deed
  • torture rack south deed
  • Torture Rack
  • Aura of Amber Pigment
  • Murky Seagreen Pigment
  • Shadowy Blue Pigment
  • Gleaming Fuschia Pigment