Publish Notes from 1999-09-22

Publish Notes from 1999-09-22

The following features and fixes were included in the Sept. 22nd publish:


  • Armor and weapons can be smelted back into ingots.
  • Items you wish to smelt must be in your back-pack.
  • Smelting will be tied to the mining skill. The higher your skill in mining, the more ingots you will get back.
  • The more wear and tear on an item, the less ingots it will return.
  • Items purchased from an NPC will yield only one ingot when smelted.
  • Smelted magic items will yield regular ingots.
  • Smelting special metals will yield ingots of that color, with the exception of dyeable kite shields.
  • Smelting dyeable kite shields will return regular ingots regardless of the color of the ingots used to make the shield.
  • To smelt an item:
    • Double-click a smithing tool, such as a hammer.
    • The smithing window will open and contain a forge.
    • Double-clicking the forge will bring up a targeting cursor.
    • Clicking armor or a weapon that is in your backpack will smelt that item.
    • You will receive a number of ingots depending on the item itself, its wear and tear, and your mining skill.


  • Clothing and leather armor can be cut back into cloth and leather respectively.
    • Use scissors on clothing or leather armor to get the cloth or leather.
    • The amount of cloth or leather yielded is tied to the tailoring skill. The higher your skill in tailoring, the more cloth/leather you will get.
    • Items you wish to unravel must be in your backpack.
    • "Newbie" items and death robes cannot be unraveled.


  • Pets will only guard the following:
    • The owner
    • The corpse of the owner
    • Items in the house of the owner
    • Other pets of the owner
  • An issue with transferring pets in town has been resolved.
  • The "drop" command has been reactivated.


  • After changing the guild type from Chaos, Order or Neutral, guilds must wait seven days for the declaration to take affect. If you change the declaration during those 7 days, the counter will reset.


  • Items placed in an armoire will no longer disappear.

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