Publish Notes from 2000-03-02

Publish Notes from 2000-03-02

Publish Update – Lake Superior

Mar 2 2000 5:28PM CST

All of the features listed in Testing for Next Update are now live on the Lake Superior shard. Our Quality Assurance team will be monitoring this server for any issues that may arise due to these changes. Barring any unforeseen issues, the Great Lakes shard will receive the publish during its normally scheduled maintenance on Friday Morning, March 3rd (local server time).

Both of these shards will be monitored throughout the weekend, and if no outstanding issues are found, the features will be active on all remaining shards following their scheduled Monday maintenance (local server time).

The following items have changed, or have been added with this update:

  • Changes to Skill Gain
  • Changes to Fishing
  • Bank Checks
  • Shopkeeper Changes
  • Changes to Tinker Traps
  • House Placement Fixes
  • Boat Recall Fixes

Many of these changes are rather complex, and we encourage everyone to visit the Testing for Next Update for a complete listing of these changes.