Publish Notes from 2000-10-03

Publish Notes from 2000-10-03

Publish 7 Update 5

On October 3, 2000, the following was published:

Dungeon Khaldun

  • The Dungeon Khaldun will be located in the Lost Lands (T2A) on the Felucca facet. The dungeon has two entrances which are both located to the far east of Delucia. The sextant coordinates for the entrances are:
    • 58o 16'S, 5o 7'E
    • 62o 8'S, 3o 47'W
  • Khaldun is designed to be a dungeon for veteran players and as such, it is meant to be very difficult. Rather than publishing a full document that gives away all of the dungeon's secrets (thus spoiling its many surprises), this document will give you some basic information on what to look for. A full document will be posted when the dungeon is published to the live shards.
  • When testing this new dungeon, keep the following things in mind:
    • There are new monsters in this dungeon. Many of them will act differently than existing monsters.
    • The dungeon has some secret passages and rooms. Finding them will not be easy.
    • Some spells and aspects of skills will not work in this dungeon. These include:
      • The Mark spell.
      • The Resurrection spell.
      • The Healing skill when attempting to resurrect (healing and curing will work however).
      • Killing another player will sometimes bring unexpected repercussions upon the murderer.