Publish Notes from 2002-03-22

Publish Notes from 2002-03-22

Publish 15 Update 5

On February 22, 2002, the following was published:

  • Previously, players with slower connections could be killed after traveling through a moongate before their computer ever caught up with them and they were able to defend themselves. Players will now be hidden when coming out of a moongate, meaning that they will not become visible until their computer has finished loading, and they are able to move.
  • Hirelings will now cost 8K in return for their services.
  • Fixed an issue involving pack horses and BODs.
  • Corrected a gating/recall issue with the Minax stronghold.
  • Holiday trees will be disabled. All holiday trees currently in the world should return to deed form. Only the owner of the house that the deed is in, or the person who placed the tree, will be able to pick up the deed.
  • The holiday gift gump will be disabled. Any remaining holiday tickets will still be useable, but no more will be given out.