Publish Notes from 2003-03-07

Publish Notes from 2003-03-07

Publish 17 Update 1

AoS Shards Publish Updates

UO Team 07 Mar 2003 00:00:00 EST

The fixes listed herein were published to all AoS-enabled shards (including Europa and Drachenfels ):

  • A number of server optimizations and fixes. Note: this included a fix for the largest cause of shard lag & instability.
  • Customized house doors could no longer become “static” and unusable. This fix also retroactively fixed any doors that were currently affected by this issue.
  • A fix for the Lake Superior -only issue regarding the inability to ban from customizable houses.

Additionally, the fix listed below — which was already available on the Atlantic shard — began being implemented on all AoS-enabled shards beginning today.

  • Characters that are confirmed to be “blackholed” will automatically teleport to a “safe location,” along with their mounts and any of their nearby pets.