Publish Notes from 2003-03-13

Publish Notes from 2003-03-13

Publish 17 Update 2

Publishing More Fixes

UO Team 13 Mar 2003 00:00:00 EST

A number of fixes were published to all shards enabled with the Age of Shadows code.

This publish included the following changes:

  • Fixed a crashing issue involving house customization
  • Fixed several issues with lockdowns not displaying correctly
  • Spells in a Necromancer or Paladin spellbook will no longer decay if that spellbook is locked down
  • Runebooks can now be locked down again

Note: Remember that items that are not locked down or placed in a secure container may decay. As a rule of thumb, always be sure to check the item properties on items by mousing over or single-clicking your items to make sure they're locked down!