Publish Notes from 2004-05-13

Publish Notes from 2004-05-13

Publish 24 Updates and Bug Fixes

UO Team 29 Apr 2004 00:00:00 EST

(Updated on 5/10/04)

Publish 24, as with most game publishes, contains a number of game updates and bug fixes. This article contains a summary of the upcoming game improvements that will come about with Publish 24.


  • Players with max Valor points will no longer be inundated with the “You have achieved the highest path in Valor and can no longer gain any further” message at Champion spawns.
  • Saplings will no longer impede movement.
  • Changed pack animal looting. All objects placed on a pack animal will NOT fall into one bag should the creature die.
  • Peacemaking will now decrease Uses remaining on instruments.
  • Fixed an issue with cutting a large number of bolts of cloth that would result in a stack that exceeds the maximum amount allowed.
  • Fixed an issue with combining ore that would result in a stack that exceeds the maximum amount allowed.
  • Young players will have their “young” tags properly displayed on their item properties again.
  • Fixed the ability to gain magic resist above 90.0 on Siege Perilous .
  • Fixed an issue that caused victims to not be cleared properly from a player's “aggressor victim list” once the victim has been dispatched, which could impede the player's ability to instantly log out, recall, use gates, or re-enter his home (with the new house fighting balance changes – see below).

Game Balance

  • Increased the spell delay of Holy Light to 1.25 seconds.
  • Increased the spell delay of Wither to 1.25 seconds.
  • Added a 3 second remount delay for bola usage.
  • As part of the house fighting balance change, players will no longer be able to enter a house if they attack another player that is not in their guild or in a warring guild.
  • Murderers can now enter guard zones on non-Siege ruleset shards (Only in Felucca).

Service Improvements

  • Higher bandwidth efficiency for spell casting and item properties.
  • Anti-speedhacking improvements