Publish Notes from 2004-07-13

Publish Notes from 2004-07-13

We will be publishing the Catskills shard with the Publish 25 code today, July 12th, 2004 at approximately 12:30PM PST. Publish 25 contains the following changes:

General Summary:

  • Bug fixes
  • PvP balance changes
  • Archery fixes


  • House demolition, and character transfer will now be disabled while the housing and character transfer server is down
  • Faster casting cap of 2 (if not using the protection spell)
  • Faster casting cap of 0 (if using the protection spell)
  • Paladin spells are subject to a faster casting cap of 4
  • Paladins with magery of 70.0 or above are subject to a faster casting cap of 2
  • PvP spell damage increase cap of 15% from an item’s magic property – spell damage increase is also derived from intelligence and inscription
  • Added caps for: Lower Mana Cost = 40%, Hit Chance Increase = 45%, Defense Chance Increase = 45%, Damage Increase = 100%.
  • Maximum swing rate capped at one swing per second
  • Added runic crafting tools to test center bank boxes
  • Added all artifacts to test center bank boxes
  • Added ethereal mounts to test center bank boxes
  • Added a kills/deaths tracking and leader board on test centers
  • Poisonstrike takes 1/2 second less to cast, 2 points higher minimum and maximum damage
  • Cleanse by fire is now difficulty based
  • Damage required to interrupt bandaging reduced from 26 to 19 for PvP only
  • Lesser and normal healing potions have smaller delays to use than greater healing potions
  • Lowered cure spell chance of success
  • Enhanced cure potions now correctly cure lower poisons
  • Archcure doesn't cure aggressors or victims
  • Archcure is now 1/4 second faster
  • Infectious strike special move now uses poisoning skill to help determine potency
  • Using a special move within 3 seconds of the previous special move costs double mana
  • Parried special moves have no mana cost
  • Dexterity below 80 reduces the chance to parry
  • Reveal uses magery and detect hidden vs. hide and stealth
  • Reveal always reveals vs. invisibility spell
  • Tracking players uses tracking and detect hidden and random (1 to 20) vs. hiding and stealth
  • Ghosts can no longer be tracked
  • Necromancy forms affect tracking difficulty
  • Archers can now move immediately after firing
  • Archers must hold still for a minimum of 1/2 second before firing
  • Fixed Dryad bow and added it to the Doom boss loot
  • Fix for enemy of one issues
  • Fix for divine fury issues (stat penalties, faction points, etc)
  • Two handed weapons can now be disarmed
  • Can no longer immediately rearm disarmed mage weapons
  • Faction traps now decay after one day
  • Swamp dragons no longer reduce PvP damage
  • Spell casting creatures no longer try to cast old buffs (reactive armor, protection, magic reflection) resulting in more challenging monsters
  • Fixed low level gain for weapon skills
  • Fixed low level gain for Parry
  • Sake is now called "sake" instead of "water" on Japanese shards
  • Added jewelry slots in 2D client
  • Added "object handles" in 2D client

Misc. "behind the scenes" changes:

  • Improved internal debugging tools
  • More logging for "IGR time limit" error

If there are no show stopping issues we will deploy Publish 25 to the remaining servers tomorrow, July 13th, 2004.