Publish Notes from 2004-08-17

Publish Notes from 2004-08-17

Publish 26

UO Team August 17, 2004

Changes and Enhancements

  • Various adjustments to monster loot such as gold and magic item intensity adjustments across the board.
  • Tweaks to Luck calculations.
  • Increased cap of Luck beyond 1200.
  • Changed gargoyle gems from 4 to 1d4 per player feedback.
  • Increased loot dropped by Betrayer.
  • Modified Elemental loot.
  • Slightly reduced red & black Solen Warrior and Infiltrator loot and increased Solen Queen loot.
  • Adjusted Dungeon Chest loot.
  • Added metal chests to spawn on plague beasts after they're well fed.
  • Ant Lions now have a chance to spawn an adventurer's skeleton (rogue, mage, or bard).
  • Bumped up minimum intensities for treasure hunter loot to be more in line with current loot changes.
  • Tweaked loot for fishing, dungeon, and treasure hunter chest loot.
  • Reduced loot for nobles, rat shamans, and serpentine dragons.
  • Adjusted ogre lord loot to be consistent with arctic ogre lord loot.
  • Modified earth elementals to drop 1-4 fertile dirt instead of 1.
  • Removed non-magical jewelry from ancient wyrms, shadow wyrms, rikktor, ice serpents, efreeti, and skeletal dragons. Added 5 random jewels to ancient wyrms.
  • Doubled chance to receive a super slayer weapon or instrument.
  • Added tribal, deer, bear, bandannas, and Orc masks as magic loot.
  • Turned on the Serpent Pillars for Test Centers only to test stability.
  • Fixed Tracking issue where player characters with 0 hiding could not be tracked.
  • Players will no longer appear in monster and animal tracking gumps.
  • Made improvements to the firehorn.
  • Added firehorn to test center bank box (should appear in same bag as spellbooks and reagents).
  • Added 10 message in a bottles to test center bank box.
  • Made the following creatures Bardable.
  • Vampire formed players can now mount horses.
  • Fixed instant resurrection bugs with horrific beast, wraithform, and vampiric embrace.
  • Fixed necromancer forms bug when changing from one form into another.
  • Made changes to prevent camping in dungeons.
  • Added 80.0 poisoning skill for dread spiders.
  • Added succubus and Semidar to daemon slayer group.