Publish Notes from 2004-10-27

Publish Notes from 2004-10-27

Publish 27 Update 2

On October 27, 2004, the following was published:

Today, October 27th, 2004 we will be publishing all shards with the Ultima Online: Samurai Empire launch preparation code. This publish will take approximately 3 hours and take place during the scheduled maintenance window and for each shard as follows:

  • 27 October 10:00 AM PDT - publish Chesapeake, Atlantic, Catskills, Siege Perilous, Legends, Great Lakes
  • 27 October 11:00 AM PDT- publish Lake Austin, Baja, Sonoma, Pacific
  • 27 October 2:00 PM PDT - publish Oceania
  • 27 October 4:00 PM PDT - publish Yamato, Izumo, Wakoku, Hokuto, Mizuho, Mugen, Sakura
  • 27 October 5:00 PM PDT - publish Arirang, Balhae, Formosa
  • 27 October 9:00 PM PDT - publish Europa, Drachenfels

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with items that gave a HP Regeneration bonus to cause players' strength to drop to 10 after crossing server lines
  • Fixed an issue with boats related to optimization changes made to the server
  • Fixed a Weight issue involving purchasing Gargoyle Stone Mining and Stone Crafting Books
  • Fix for the Japanese text guild search client crash
  • Fix for the stuck gump window
  • Fixed Night Sight
  • Can now recall out of Ilshenar
  • Pets no longer highlight oRange
  • Fixed Luna guard zones
  • Fixed guild war status

Feature additions and changes

  • Honor Virtue System was added
  • The new Guild System has been introduced:
    • A “Guild” button has been added to the paperdoll
    • Can also access the new guild system by typing the word “guilds”
    • A new guild interface has been introduced to enhance guilds and provide greater accessibility
    • Legacy guild stones are now deedable items
    • Guilds can now form alliances with other guilds
    • The Guild interface now displays when members were last on
    • Guilds now cost 25,000 to gold to be created
    • Vendors no longer sell guild deeds but will still buy them back
    • Legacy guilds have been converted into the new guild system at no additional cost
    • Chaos and Order system have been removed
    • Added a guild alliance system
    • Guilds can now set different ranks, each with their own levels of permission, to guild members
    • A new guild election system has been introduced
    • Guild wars can now be declared using length of time or number of kills as their victory conditions
    • Guild security settings have been added to the housing system
  • Faction System has had some minor modifications made to it:
    • Insurance costs have been lowered from their current cost when a player dies to a faction enemy
    • Sigil corruption time is now 10 hours. The grace period is now 30 minutes
    • The sigil carrier hueing system was improved
    • Any player can now resurrect their own war horse
    • Skilled animal tamers will now resurrect pets with more starting health
    • Various minor bugfixes
  • The Stealth Skill has been changed:
    • Entering and training Stealth will now only require 50.0 skill in Hiding instead of the previous 80.0
    • Hidden players with enough skill in Stealth will now attempt to auto-stealth once they begin to walk
    • Players can now run in stealth, but doing so increases the chances that players will come out of stealth
    • Monsters will retain knowledge of hidden players and attempt to find players that hide while in view of the monster
    • Poison damage will no longer reveal hidden players