Publish Notes from 2004-11-05

Publish Notes from 2004-11-05

Publish 27 Update 4

On November 5, 2004, the following was published:

“On the Japanese shards we have discovered that there is some confusion with the way the Soulstones are intended to work and how people are interpreting their functionality. In order to address the confusion we are implementing a slight change to Soulstone functionality that will make it easier to use and function the way some of you may have interpreted it.

This change will allow you to transfer a skill to a character that is at the skill cap. You must set enough skills to atrophy (the arrow next to the skills you no longer want should be pointed DOWN) in order to make room for the skill you are trying to transfer over.

In order to implement this change we will need to bring each of the shards down for approximately 1 1/2 hours. When the shards return the activation of Soulstones on NA, Oceania and the European shards will still not be in affect, this will follow later. The publish schedule is as follows:

We hope this change will make using the Soulstones an easy and enjoyable experience.”