Publish Notes from 2005-06-21

Publish Notes from 2005-06-21

Publish 33 Additions, Changes, and Fixes

UO Team 16 Jun 2005 00:00:00 EST

Publish 33, as with most game publishes, contains a number of game updates and bug fixes. This article contains an updated summary of the game improvements that will come about with Publish 33.


  • Addressed an issue with followers being lost at logout.
    • When a player logs out, followers (pets, hired NPCs) will be auto-stabled, returning to the player upon login.
    • Pets that do not automatically return to the player can be claimed at the stable master.
  • Arrows that miss their target will now be recovered automatically, rather than dropping to the ground behind a mob.
  • Shortly after dropping out of war mode, any recoverable arrows will be placed in the player’s backpack.
  • Treasures of Tokuno event has ended
    • Players no longer accumulate points towards Treasures of Tokuno rewards when defeating enemies.
    • Ihara Soka will still be around to reward players for turning in artifacts.
  • The help screen has been updated.
    • Links to the UO homepage have been updated.
    • Only new players will have the option of teleporting to Haven.
    • New players are given the option to page a counselor. (Japan Only)
    • Everyone will see the other -> other petition options
  • The login error screen has been updated to include more information about why the error occurred
  • Purchasing an advanced character is now handled through an automated process.
    • Promotion codes will be purchased via webpage. Activating these codes in game will give a token which can be activated or traded. Activating the token will begin the advanced character process.
    • Doing a mouse-over of the house deed being traded will now provide more specific information on the house being traded
  • Added petition functionality, you can now target up to three people when reporting a verbal harassment issue. Targeting players can be done in 3 methods:
    • Selecting the player with a target cursor
    • Searching through a list of players in the areab by typing in the name.
  • Spell damage increase is now capped at 15% for the Wither spell in PvP.
  • The advanced character blacksmith template has been updated to the following stats:


  • Added fix for the swing speed cap, it is now back to 1.25 seconds for every swing.
  • Vendor contracts display a collect rent button even when they have no gold. This has been fixed so the option won’t appear unless they have a value greater than 0.
  • Added fix for an issue where attempting to enhance or repair a metal item causes it to be smelted instead.
  • Added fix for the True Britannians faction border. It is now properly aligned with the “blue blocker” boundary.
  • Pack animals carrying items are not subject to the pet protection features.